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This donation pool is dedicated to the Tower of God RPG. All points will be used for the game. Any amount is appreciated.
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    Donated Jun 2, 2017, 11:45:59 AM
Announcing the first Tower of God RPG Game

I won't bore you with any unnecessary banter such as I worship SIU or that I'm actually Baam's cousin. I'll get straight to discussing the game.

The team is called Umad-Mazinbro and it comprises of fans from around the world who are committed to make a game that will not put the series to shame. We are an international team, with turtles hatching from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

Logo Umad Mazinbro in GIF by Amaranthias Logo courtesy of NatKetty. Website:

The game will be free to play and download.


:bulletblue: Controlling your character

Our game is titled as a RPG, so as you would expect, you will be able to control your character. The control comes in the form of navigating your character in bird's eye view, interacting and making decisions that would influence the game. The player will be able to interact with your environment, such as speaking to NPCs and solving puzzles in real-time. The player will also be able to choose his/her skills, team members and to some extent, control the plot.

:bulletblue: Battle System

The battle system comes in the form of a grid-based, turn-based tactics, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre and Heroes of Might and Magic VI.
However, there is a twist: The inclusion of Fog of War.
The reasons and explanation of our plans regarding this unique system can be found below.

:bulletblue: Puzzle Solving

Solve puzzles and other challenges as tests to ascend the tower, obtain rare items or unlock certain quests. The tests to climb the tower doesn't always come in the form of a straightforward team vs. team battle.

:bulletred:Battle System:bulletred:

The Positions

SIU said the following in The Company's translation for the positions and its respective roles:
  1. Fisherman - For those who can stand alone, using a reel inventory, and forming the core of the fighter power.
  3. Spear-bearer - Subduing the prey caught by the fishermen, and keeping the pressure on the rear from sniping.
  5. Light-bearer - Shining light into the darkness, and gathering and analysing the darkness to deliver the light to their guide.
  7. Scout - in the foremost line, using observers to probe the enemy lines, and aiding the fisherman's offence.
  9. Wave controller - through the usage of shinsoo - supporting the battle, and often suppressing the enemy - the director of the battle.

Question - So why a turn and grid based tactics with fog of war?

Answer -

Tower of God stresses that most tests are taken in teams. You either take the test against another team, or you are to solve a particular puzzle as a team. Tower of God also differs from other fantasy/fiction titles in its originality. One such example is the positions that regulars are categorized in. The most unique position would be the light bearer. The light bearer isn't your typical support role, with heals and buffs. In fact, in Tower of God, there are no healing or buffing skills (or not yet shown).

The grid and turn based battle system with fog of war will be able to utilize the unique nature of these positions in the best way. The consideration behind the implementation of the fog of war is to utilize the unique positions from Tower of God. The most unique position is the Light-Bearer, who is mostly responsible for strategic development. The light bearer won't be constrained by the archetype of a support/healer, in fact, the light bearer would be one of the most important roles in the team due to the fog of war. The scout which is generally ignored in favour of other classes will also be important.

For example, imagine the battle turning out like this:
You position the members of your team in an arena but you have no vision of the enemy. In order to attack, you would need vision, so you have your Light-Bearer's lighthouse and Scout to probe for the enemy's position. You discover the enemy and you commence long-range attacks with your Spear-Bearer, Wave-Controller or a Fisherman's reel inventory. You try to snipe the opponent's Scout and Light House to deny vision in order to not take damage while your heavy hitters such as your Fishermen and Wave-Controller get into close range and obliterate your enemy.

Question – Why not make a whole team of Fishermen who generally outclasses their peers in everything?

Answer -

You will not have a whole team of fisherman. Why? If the enemy team comprises of Spear-Bearers and Light-Bearers who have more mobility you will get obliterated for the simple reason that you do not have vision of the enemy and you are unable to close the distance to attack.


The thing most people would be curious about would be the plot. The plot of the game will be completely original and will not be a re-enactment of the existing series. However, the story will be set in the same timeline and world.
Everything we do will try to follow and abide by the canon, and we will not incorporate content that would be controversial to the series. That being said, we are striving to be as original as possible and incorporate some content that has been introduced but not implemented by SIU (such as possibly featuring a character from one of the Great Families that haven't been introduced in the series yet).

The game will begin on the 20th floor where you will build your team and participate in the test to qualify yourself as E-grade regulars. The setting will be parallel to that of the series, with your team of E-grade regulars travelling in the wake of the comic's protagonists to ensure that anything we do or make will not contradict what has already happened.
Your characters will pass through many of the same locations featured in the series and hear a lot of chatter regarding the things that have happened in the series.

Question – Why start at the 20th floor and not on the 1st floor?

Answer -

At the first floor, most of the people who are selected to become regulars won't be completely prepared and knowledgeable about the tower. Only those who are from the Great Families or its branches would have an inkling of what to expect. If the game was to start here, it would be unrealistic in terms of the characters being able to perform various skills relating to shinsoo, and thus, lead to an inconsistent setting.

:bulletred:Members List:bulletred:

*Note* The names are all aliases and usernames for Batoto or DeviantArt (and other things). I might include their real names in the future.


:bulletblue:Jason 'VanquisherR' / Amaranthias


:bulletblue:Jason 'VanquisherR' / Amaranthias
:bulletblue:Viralance – Retired farmerholden

Development Team

:bulletblue:Daien3 – Lead Developer
:bulletblue:Chron0s - Web Developer
:bulletblue:Captain Obvious
:bulletblue:Jason 'VanquisherR' / Amaranthias

Art Team

:bulletblue:Natketty – Art Lead

Writing Team

:bulletblue:Jason 'VanquisherR' / Amaranthias

Music/Sound effects team


Korean Translator

:bulletblue:Random-Webtoon-Fan / A-Random-Otaku


We are still recruiting! If our plans and goals has aroused your interest, consider joining us.
Anybody with skills in creating animation, sprite/pixel art, scripts and the RPG Maker engine who are interested, please contact me at one of the following:
Skype: VanquisherRR
Send me a note on DeviantArt Amaranthias

Alternatively, if you would like to make a post regarding joining the team, the recruitment thread is located here:

Official recruitment thread


 •The game is being created on the RPG Maker Engine (RPG Maker VX Ace)

 •We still haven't decided on a title for the game.

 •The main positions will branch out from its generic role into ones that have specializations

 •We might possibly include other positions in the game, such as the Anima (Wave Controller)

 •Our website is:
   We also have a website in production, but in the meantime, this is it.

 •Several characters from the series will be making cameos. Give us your suggestions on who you would like to see!

 •Easter eggs will be scattered around for you to find. (In the series, Quant is used in various situations)

And that will be everything regarding the game for now. It is a very generic overview to give the community what to expect from the game. We will very much like constructive feedback and suggestions on anything at all.

Would we be able to deliver a game that would match the standard set by the series? We are constantly striving to improve our game and I certainly hope we will meet everybody's expectations.

Yours sincerely,
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